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Happy Mother’s Day to Working Moms Everywhere

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May 12, 2019

I love it when our clients share a story or refer to their children during a conversation about work.  It reminds me that we are working every day to support amazing females who are working very long hours creating exceptional customer experiences while also fulfilling the role of a lifetime, as a Mom. It’s never easy to be a working Mother because we all feel pulled in two directions. We want to create excellence in our professional lives and meet our potential. When we are not at work (and often when we are at work) we cannot wait to be present with our children whether it’s at home with little ones, listening to a college freshman on the phone or sitting through a first dance rehearsal. There are many adaptations of “working Mom” and everyone seems to find their own way to make this work. Today we celebrate that we live in a world where this can work and that our brand is fortunate to  support some of the most amazing working Moms there are.  It’s truly one of the reasons I like going to work every day.

What interests me personally is that the females we support seem to apply their nurturing qualities to their profession. It’s one of the many benefits of giving women a voice at all levels in the workplace. I consistently see some of the nurturing qualities that are so important in parenting, being applied by our clients to their professional work as marketers of New Home Communities. So here’s to all the amazing Moms today! We celebrate you and these important qualities you bring to your brand’s engagement with new home buying consumers: Read More

The Power of Thank You.

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The other day I heard one of our supply chain reps was transitioning to another job. I wanted to send him a thank you note for doing so much to support our company’s mission while he managed our account.  He wrote back that he was “speechless” and thanked me for the taking time to say “Thanks”. Is it that rare that he is appreciated? I hope not, but it got me thinking about the power of Thank You. It’s something that should be on our daily list of priorities.

Small gratitudes are delivered through these two words, and they can create a positive momentum in the workplace and at home. I started thinking about where we have opportunities to say thank you. This is my list  — what’s yours? Read More

Want more new homebuyer inbound leads? Your Guide to Landing Page Success.

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How do you know when a young millennial couple is shopping your website and dreaming about their first home? You don’t, unless they self-identify. How do you encourage them to reach out so you can support their search? That’s the topic of our blog post today.

We interviewed HubSpot Gold Partner Spencer Powell, with the Builder Funnel about how to develop an effective promotional landing page. “Effective” for purposes of this this article means that a landing page increases inbound leads for New Home Builder brands. The outcome of our interview is this Guide to Premium Content and Landing Page Success.  If you read nothing else, listen to Spencer’s answer to our first question. It’s a compelling argument for creating landing pages that trade relevant premium content for a prospective home buyer’s contact information, so you can get them into your sales funnel.


Marketing Blueprints: Most of our clients have invested in beautifully designed websites with gorgeous imagery of their homes. Why do you need to use promotional landing pages in addition to a beautiful, well designed website?

Spencer Powell: The answer to this question of “why a landing page?” is a good one! We recently looked back at an early client and analyzed data over 3 years that looked at leads coming into their website. The data is compelling in support of landing pages as effective lead generators. Here are the simple data:

  • 5-7% of leads came through a “contact us” form
  • 93-95% of prospects who came into the website downloaded a brochure, eBook, checklist and filled out information on a landing page.

Home shoppers are researching and browsing tons of sites like Zillow, Trulia and Builder listing websites. If you don’t capture them when they are on your site, they may never come back. You need to give your prospects a reason to take action to launch themselves into your sales funnel.  Every page on your website is an opportunity to convert a prospect into an engaged home buyer with your brand.

Marketing Blueprints: What’s the number one goal of building a promotional landing page? Read More

A Blog Bouquet on Valentine’s Day

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February 14, 2018

This is our “blog bouquet” of appreciation for you….

Whether you love a simple bouquet of pink, a vase of deep red roses, an armful of yellow tulips, or a tiny flower from small child, we hope you feel appreciated, always. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are a few of the reasons we appreciate you.


You are genuinely devoted to delivering the American Dream of home ownership to new home buyers. You understand that having a “home” is different than having a house.

You know that people love the freedom to choose what works for them in a home. We are inspired by your passion for helping prospects learn about all their choices in your digital marketing and in the way you welcome them to your Sales Centers. We hope your clients appreciate you too!

You are authentically interested in understanding and listening to buyers in your markets. You seem to really understand this quote: “Learn to listen – opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.”  We think it’s one reason why prospects love your brands.

You want people to feel happy in their new home and you think about how to give them one final WOW experience on move-in day. We love implementing your ideas and helping you bring your vision to life to welcome new home buyers.

You balance it all with professional grace. We know you are people with full lives professionally and at home. You are amazing and we appreciate the opportunity to be of support in your work life.

Thank you for your business and for always being willing to engage with us. We appreciate you!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Builder Promotions!


How are you going to grow your Realtor Partner program in 2018?

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It’s a well known fact that in most markets, Realtors can multiply sales efforts for new home builders. So, how do you engage Realtors and influence them to bring prospects to your new home communities? Builders use every kind of event marketing concept to bring Realtors to their new home communities. As everyone knows, the goal of these events is to help Realtors see why a new home may be the best solution for their buyers and to experience, first-hand, the benefits of a beautifully designed new home community in their marketing area.

Now that we’re into the new year, we thought it would be a good time to share a brief round-up of content pieces that address the Builder and Realtor relationship. We hope these provide some marketing inspiration for the new year. Read More

Filling Your New Home Events with Plenty of Prospects – Phase Two Execution

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We know that our Builder Marketer clients use our platform to consolidate purchases of branded marketing supplies to save time, because they must attend to a long list of digital marketing tasks that are necessary to launching their Communities. This is the second in our blog series about how to use digital marketing tactics to fill your new home community events with lots of prospects.

In our first blog post on this topic, we covered the important asset and content building involved in getting ready for your new home marketing event. Spencer Powell, with the Builder Funnel, outlined a simple step by step process that provides a virtual map of the tactical work that needs to get done in order to have a successful Community Marketing event that brings in enough of the right prospects. 

We’re going to jump right in here and move to the Phase Two Execution. This assumes you’ve created content and built your assets for your Event. Here’s the second part of our interview with Spencer.

Marketing Blueprints:  So much to do, so little time.  Planning really helps. Now that you’ve set up your schedule and all your assets are in place, how do you get people to your event?

Spencer Powell, Builder Funnel: Now that you’ve developed your assets and content, you’ll see why it pays to get all that lined up early.  At this point, about 3 weeks out, it’s all about inviting your list, amplifying to the surrounding community via Social Media and consistent reminders to get them there.

Here’s our checklist for Phase Two Execution, Filling Your Events: Read More

Filling an Event at Your New Home Community – First in a Series

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When our clients host an event at their new home community, we create a memorable branded gift that deepens a prospect’s connection to the brand, after the event has passed. So that’s one task our busy Division Marketer clients can check off their long list of Event “to dos”. But we know that’s not even a fraction of the work to be done to launch an event. We know that the important work of making any event a success is drawing a crowd! Our readers will be excited to learn that in this blog post, we’re interviewing Builder Funnel marketing expert Spencer Powell, about building traffic for your events.

We know that economy of time is important to Builder Marketers, and we love Spencer’s efficient step by step approach to planning and executing an event filled with interested prospects. And, to make life easy for our readers, we asked Spencer to create bonus content so you can download the checklist and keep it as digital resource. We’ll share it later in the post. Here’s the interview:

Marketing Blueprints: Can you tell us how you approach the planning and execution for new home community events?

Spencer Powell,  Builder Funnel: We help our new home builder clients approach this in two phases. The first phase is building out your digital assets. The second phase is implementing your outreach campaign leading up to the event.

Marketing Blueprints: Can you start by giving us your check list for building assets?

Spencer Powell, Builder Funnel: Yes, it’s a simple list. Ideally the process begins 4-6 weeks out before an event is actually going to take place. The timing plays an important role in growing your RSVP list. If you are tight on time, feel free to download the checklist and read it when it’s most convenient for you.


Turnkey Digital Marketing Event Checklist

Here’s our Phase One checklist:

  1. Make a Schedule so that tasks on this checklist are placed within the time frame leading up to your event. Even if you have less time than is ideal, a schedule helps you keep track of anyone on your team who is helping you get this done. 
  1. Access or request existing community content you will need to share in emails, on your landing page and in social posts. Having this ready will keep you on schedule.
  • Video Tour
  • Community Brochure
  • Floorplans
  • Lifestyle & Home Imagery content

Read More

8 Festive Ways for Builder Brands to Celebrate the Holidays.

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Builder BrandHolidayLookbooks have every reason to celebrate the Holidays. They are building the homes and communities where families and friends gather to celebrate Holidays they observe in ways that are special and meaningful to them.

At Builder Promotions, we kick off the Holiday season with our annual Holiday Shops! They are digital versions of the retail Pop-Up Shop. This year the excitement started early again because several of our uber-organized Marketing clients are getting ready for their End of Year Events and Milestones, early! So we have worked quickly to launch our Holiday Look Book, curate our Gourmet Holiday Goods, and refresh our popular Holiday Card Pop-Up Shop. To complement our launch, we thought we’d share a list of festive ways your Brand can celebrate the holidays. Read More

3 simple things customers want from a relationship with your brand.

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Why does trust matter so much in a new home buying experience? Why does trust matter to every single brand in existence? One word — relationships.

I am reading the book, The Experience, by Bruce Loeffler and Brian T. Church. Both are veteran executives from Disney. They’ve put their 5 principles of Disney service and relationship excellence into a pragmatic book with relatable and elegantly simple ideas you can apply to any business where exceptional service counts.

About half way through the first chapter, the authors describe what customers want from their relationship with a brand. A light bulb went off, for me, because it sounded a lot like what everyone wants from any relationship! It seemed particularly relevant to Builder Marketers because buying a new home involves such a large degree of trust by consumers. Here’s what the authors have to say:  “Customers want to feel welcomed, valued and that they matter to you.” It’s simple and if you think about your own relationships, it’s pretty true – isn’t it?Pink Feminine Acoustic Album Cover (2)

While it’s an elegantly simple idea, expressing this to prospects and customers is intentional work.  Read More

The Brand Guide – Unsung Hero of Brand Consistency.

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Brands express themselves in colors, typeface fonts, photo imagery, voice, and they have a “mood” and a set of characteristics that reflect their personality.  Brand guides help to centralize all this information and make it “turnkey-simple” for your company to reproduce and speak for your brand in a way that delivers a consistent experience to your customers and prospects. If you are looking for Brand Guide inspiration, grab a cup of coffee and check out these graphically inviting links to brand guides of every kind.

I love this visually enticing HubSpot blog post about brand guides. The post displays 22 brand guides that would inspire any Marketing Manager. If you’ve got a brand guide that you’ve been meaning to update, you’ll be inspired because we’ve also included some other creative and instructive resources that you can easily adapt to what you are using currently. Read More