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How are you going to grow your Realtor Partner program in 2018?

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It’s a well known fact that in most markets, Realtors can multiply sales efforts for new home builders. So, how do you engage Realtors and influence them to bring prospects to your new home communities? Builders use every kind of event marketing concept to bring Realtors to their new home communities. As everyone knows, the goal of these events is to help Realtors see why a new home may be the best solution for their buyers and to experience, first-hand, the benefits of a beautifully designed new home community in their marketing area.

Now that we’re into the new year, we thought it would be a good time to share a brief round-up of content pieces that address the Builder and Realtor relationship. We hope these provide some marketing inspiration for the new year. Read More

Custom Flags perform 3 important tasks for New Home Communities.

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BuilderCategoryStoreImageDoormats_Flags_Signs2Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego, CA

Flags serve several important purposes for New Home Communities:

  • Attract
  • Identify
  • Direct

When new home buying prospects shift from digital shopping to an in-person visit at your beautifully designed new home communities, they are usually met with inviting, eye-catching and enticing Community branding, architecturally interesting entrances and billowing flags. Flags are a cost-effective way to signal that there is a new home community waiting to be explored, discovered and enjoyed by prospective home buyers.

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In the context of new home marketing, a flag’s main purpose is to create movement that attracts prospects. Secondarily, they identify your brand and differentiate your Community from others in the area. Read More

Looking for creative inspiration to promote your next Community Event?

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You are sitting at your desk with a cup of your favorite, thinking about what you will add to your upcoming Community Marketing event to make it memorable for prospective home owners. You think you’d like to use a branded gift to keep them connected to your community after they’ve toured your Models and met Sales Consultants. What to do? You have a million other details to handle to be ready for your event. If this is you, read on!

Here are Five of our Favorites for New Home Community Event Marketing: Read More

Retail Refreshment. Can Builders borrow from Retail's playbook?

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Welcome to Marketing Blueprints, a blog of Builder Promotions. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a quick read about the marketing value of “refreshment”.

Refreshment is such an easy way to create delight. It’s a gracious way to say “welcome please stay awhile”. And it can be an effective marketing tool too. Builders are using refreshment in many creative ways to compliment their events. One quick scan of my Builder Instagram account tells me that Builder Marketing teams are using everything from the Summer BBQ to Food Truck Festivals to draw crowds to their community events. They offer bottles of water or hot beverages to help home shoppers relax and enjoy wandering through a Sales Center. If you look to the retail world, savvy marketers are finding ways to provide refreshments in stores to keep shoppers looking. Here’s one of my favorite examples. Read More

#YourBrandInTheirLife. How Do you "fit" into your Prospect's life?

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A Home Builder brand wants to inspire future homeowners to live their best life in a new home and to enjoy the total lifestyle that a planned community offers. Builders want to fit into the ideal of what a new home will offer for home buying prospects.

#YourBrandinTheirLife refers to branded products that support consumers in their daily lives.

I got to thinking about how our e-Store products integrate into “life” for home buying consumers so that we could give builder marketers one more way to nurture prospects during the home selling process. Branded products tend to be low cost and utilitarian. And, they can be a valuable marketing tool to remind prospective home buyers of their connection to your communities. But they have to integrate into your prospects’ daily activities.

Here’s an example using Read More

How Do You Extend the Impact of Your Community Marketing Events?

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If you are a home builder, a successful marketing event means you are introducing a prospective buyer or a realtor to your homes (in real time!). You have a chance, in-person, to showcase all the custom options that make buying new such a delight, and people get to experience what it feels like to be in a beautifully designed home. Anyone visiting a new home community also sees how the outdoor environment interplays with your models, and they begin to imagine their life in those spaces and environments. But that’s just one day. It’s been a successful event, and then everyone goes home. And chances are, your prospects are still looking at other competitive products, weighing their options.

Last week, we launched Read More