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A Blog Bouquet on Valentine's Day

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Whether you like a simple bouquet of pink, an elegant vase of velvety red roses, a bundle of yellow tulips, or a spray of wildflowers, we hope you feel appreciated, always. Happy Valentine's Day! Here are a few of the reasons we appreciate you. valentines2017blogbouquet You are genuinely devoted to delivering the American Dream of home ownership to home buyers. You understand that people love the freedom to choose what works for them in a home. You are authentically interested in understanding and listening to buyers in your markets. You are genuinely curious about what consumers love in a home. You want people to feel happy in their new home and you think about how to create a memorable move-in day experience. You are appreciative of the support you receive and that makes it really fun to work for you!   Happy Valentine's Day from Builder Promotions. Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, a builder-centric procurement platform delivering branded marketing supplies used to support the complete new home selling cycle.

Need a change of content scenery? Here are 5 resources.

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insight-image Every January I make a New Year's resolution to gain greater perspective about trends that impact our business and our clients' businesses.  I am a strong believer in studying content that goes beyond the boundaries of our industry. I think we all benefit from the "change in content scenery" that can lead to new insight. I thought I'd share some of my resources at the beginning of this new year. We know our readers, clients and prospects are avid knowledge seekers on behalf of their brands. Here are five resources I like which cover areas of Marketing that are relevant to Builder Marketers right now:
  1. Digital Marketing Checklist from A 2017 checklist for anyone who is evolving their Digital Marketing engagement.DTR4-Picto-2
  2. McKinsey & Company wrote about Customer Experience Design a lot in 2016. These articles are all worth a scan for ideas and insight. Most consumers are 70% of the way through their journey-to-purchase before they ever reach out to a sales consultant. The sales game is changing. Customer experience design is the change agent.
  3. Larry Kim's blog post - Best PPC Articles of 2016. Builder Marketers are using PPC and Wordstream has one of the best blogs I've seen on a topic that is evolving daily. Pay Per Click is still a new frontier of Marketing and experts like Larry can help you ensure that your local agencies are keeping step with its evolution. Plus it's free advice!
  4. Forbes Business Trends for 2017 is always a good resource for looking at global trends that impact all businesses. Home buying consumers are all impacted by these trends in some way shape or form that is worth thinking about.
  5. Video Marketing for 2017 - Video Home Tours are getting more sophisticated.  Home buying consumers are spending more time viewing homes digitally. This is a good read for all Builder Marketers.iStock_000016897651Small
If you want to get organized for your Q1 Sales Center Tours, Community Events, and Sales Model updates, be sure to check out our Builder Category e-Stores which provide branding support for every milestone in the new home selling cycle. Happy New Year.  Thanks for stopping by to engage! Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc. an e-commerce platform which centralizes branded marketing supplies used throughout the new home selling cycle.

Do you choose your clients or do they choose you? Either way, it's great to like them!

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1633021-bigthumbnail The team at Builder Promotions feels incredibly grateful for the clients we have and prospective clients who are engaging with us. Our clients are simply amazing. They are doing more with less in today's market. They are digital superstars and real world experts on new home community marketing. We love supporting the Marketing professionals who often email us at 10 pm, squeeze in a conference call even though they are home with a sick child for the day, and regularly work very late because they are completely devoted to delivering the American Dream to homeowners across the USA, for their Brands. many-people-hands-hold-red-word-amazing-blue-sky-caucasian-holding-letters-characters-building-english-54097795 When I describe our clients to colleagues, there are a myriad of adjectives that I use. I thought I'd list them here because this is why we love supporting Marketing Professionals in the new home building industry. Our clients are truly amazing. They are:
  • Intelligent
  • Perceptive
  • Creative
  • Smart
  • Analytical
  • Committed
  • Strategic Planners
  • Visonary
  • Tactical Doers
  • Educated
  • Positive
  • Motivated
  • Stylish
  • Trustworthy
  • Purposeful
  • Experts
  • Curious
  • Leaders
It's a pleasure to genuinely like your customers! There is something special about the positive energy that flows both ways in a good partnership. We feel very lucky that we support such great people. Thank you to all our clients for your business in 2016. We are most grateful for the positive energy and look forward to building on that strong momentum in 2017. Happy New Year! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., a builder-centric e-commerce platform delivering branded marketing supplies used by New Home Builders throughout the home selling cycle. 

Does "Doing Good" Matter to Customers?

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We have a feeling that it does and we've decided to make "doing good" a part of our business model.  We have launched a company campaign to raise money for The Monarch Schools, an accredited K-12 school that serves 100% children impacted by Homelessness. Builder Promotions has been contributing a portion of the proceeds from sales in our Builder marketing e-Stores to this amazing We think it's significant that Builder Marketers can purchase Marketing supplies they need to promote their communities and help solve a huge problem that relates to the importance of a Home.In this case, education is the "roof" we are building to protect children from a future of adult homelessness. You can learn more about Monarch through this brief video interview with their extraordinary students. monarch-meet_our_students Here's my story about what inspired me to make giving to Monarch a part of our business model.
Last year I was visiting the Monarch School in San Diego where I live and work. This is an accredited K-12 school that serves 100% children impacted by homelessness. A young woman engaged me with a huge smile and burst forth about her soon-to-be journey to college in the Bay Area. She was positively electric about her future and wanted me to know that what everyone did to help Monarch made a real difference in the lives of young homeless children. She was the embodiment of hope. She then generously invited me to her graduation ceremony and we shared a hug good-bye. I was moved and began to think about how to help create more opportunity for people  like this amazing young woman. And I wanted to do something that would encourage corporate entities to give to a ground-breaking cause they might not know about. 0834dfe18 I decided to set up a fund-raising campaign sponsored by our company, Builder Promotions, a nationwide firm in the San Diego community. Our clients are the Nation's Home Builders and we support their mission to enable the American Dream of home ownership. Between our Clients, our Supply chain partners and other Stakeholders (and friends), we hope to collectively contribute to Monarch's mission. If we can build homes for Americans who already have a roof over their head, why not build an "education roof" that provides children protective shelter from a future of adult homelessness. Monarch offers an education and wrap-around support services that breed the intense form of hope that propels a young person toward their dreams. This is what struck me in my encounter with the effusive college-bound student I met on my visit to Monarch. monarch 2 Monarch's model is one that could be eventually replicated nationwide which is why we think it's so important. Wherever you are marketing new home communities, you can make a difference by purchasing marketing supplies from our Event Stores and Holiday Shops and it helps the school flourish.  Monarch-School-Smiling-Girls-300x167 Contributions will be given directly to the Monarch School by Builder Promotions. Look for updates on our Social Media. Please tell your colleagues and friends. We've already raised $1400 and given it to Monarch. Thank you to our friends, family, suppliers and clients who have helped us make an impact. Cheers! Leslie Bridges Partner, Builder Promotions, Inc Chief Blogger, Marketing Blueprints
  Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, an e-commerce platform and group buying service that supports Builder Marketing teams nationwide by helping them centralize branded products and marketing supplies used throughout the new home selling cycle.

Summer Events Invite Prospects to Have Fun with You.

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Eventstorephotocollageemail With the spring selling season well under way, Builder Marketers are thinking about how to keep the crowds coming to visit new home communities during summer months. Our Instagram account is filled with creative event themes (posted by Builders)that bring prospects and their families to new home communities. I'm a big fan of the outdoor movie night. I love a warm balmy summer night, great movie, my family and a bucket of popcorn on a soft lawn in my community park. I don't even mind that the fog often rolls in where I live as long as I have a blanket to stay warm! It's Memorial Day weekend, and I am already thinking of all the outdoor fun that awaits my family and me this summer. We just launched 10 new Home Builder Event Theme Collections  in the Builder Promotions e-Store. Our collections are overflowing with an abundance of creative and fun ideas to support virtually any event theme you can think of! The Summer Movie collection has 30+ products --  4 of which are pictured here in this Instagram frame. 4fa94445-dd2d-4a8e-9588-a976ed19646c Summer begs us all to play more and relax a little. Click the links below to have a peek and have fun planning your events. Our team is always here to help you create memorable brand gifts that strengthen your connection to prospects you are nurturing. What are you favorite event themes? Do you have pictures? Head over to our Facebook page and show us what you are doing! We're sending a free gift to any Home Builder who shares event content with us for the next two weeks. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, an e-commerce company and group buying platform designed to help Builder Marketers procure branded products and marketing supplies used throughout the new home selling cycle.

Voice of the Customer. Why it matters.

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PrioritiesCustomer Insight is rapidly becoming an area of greater interest for many industries and Builders are no different. We've shifted from a sell-to model of pitching customers a product, to a customer journey model where consumers decide when and where they engage with your company and how they proceed in getting to know you. The average customer travels 70% of their buying journey before engaging with a sales person. That's a change worth noting. Our Builder clients are telling us that they are focused on customer experience design as it applies to the buying experience in addition to how it applies to living in their new homes and communities. And it makes sense! Builders have to understand how people make decisions to purchase their ideal living spaces and deliver a buying experience that rivals the excellence of the home product itself. Customer Insight is now an asset as valuable as Land and Location. Integrating the Voice of the Customer across all functions, enables Builders to attract like-minded prospects to their communities. McKinsey wrote a short article that addresses the challenges around getting customer feedback metrics and connecting them to the right operational units for improvement or change. It's worth a read if you have five minutes. I recently received a two question survey from Listen360, a customer feedback platform that combines short NPS-style survey questions with Dashboard simplicity that helps businesses crystalize customer feedback and convert it into actions. Listen360 enables decentralized companies (like Builder enterprises) to measure customer feedback at different milestones in the customer journey. It then puts actionable information into the hands of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations and Construction to design improvements and innovate. I was so impressed that we decided to formalize a partnership with Listen360 as a channel partner focused on the Builder Vertical. CSlXBcTUYAA8_PO Ironically, the Listen360 survey appeared in my email as I was watching this HBR video about what it means to put the customer at the center of your business. I had also been reading about how Builders are reorienting themselves toward consumers. I had been thinking about the idea that we sell a product that people live in, but we don't always know enough about how people live. Historically, the industry has been focused on the product itself more than how people live in the product. That is changing of course, and Builder's are finding inventive ways to tell customers that they are listening. Pulte recently trademarked their "Everyday Entry"to highlight their insight that the movement to and from a home with a family can be a chaotic time of day. It's an innovation centered around how people live in their homes. Simplicity Customer Insight doesn't have to be a complex task delivered by a staff of researchers. Cloud technology is making it easier for companies large and small to be agile and responsive to customers. One small insight like the Pulte example above, can make a big impact. Thanks for stopping by. Let us know how you are implementing your Voice of the Customer efforts. If you are really passionate about this topic, we'd love to interview you for our blog.  Please connect with me at Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, an e-commerce company and group buying platform designed to help Builder Marketers procure branded products and marketing supplies used throughout the new home selling cycle.          

SG&A Goals? Getting More from Lean Marketing Budgets.

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CompanyStoreTemplateFinalCompany e-Store platforms have burst forth in the procurement world, supporting every possible form of purchasing and enabling enterprises to centralize their spend and operate more profitably. I thought it worth a blog post to talk about how our e-Store Platform helps Builder Marketing Teams use their lean budgets cost-effectively. So here's an overview followed by real life examples of what our clients say about the support they get from their virtual marketing team at Builder Promotions. Builder Promotions has a procurement platform that enables Builder Marketers to purchase all the branded marketing supplies they use throughout the home selling cycle. To make life easy for our busy Builder clients, the e-platform is divided into categories that align with the home buying process. In addition to these category stores, Builders are using our e-Commerce tool to centralize their marketing spend with their own Builder Branded e-Store and Mobile App.hand-holding-phone The majority of our clients use our e-Commerce enabled Builder Brand stores to procure their branded marketing supplies online. We've married centralized control and buying power with hyper-localized service. Divisions get the benefits of local support and all the advantages of their corporate buying power and branding to market their new home communities. Builder customers tell us that they have peace of mind when they use their Builder Branded store. They know the products are vetted and brand approved, which immediately simplifies the buying process. They love the click n' mortar hybrid platform that give them digital tools and human response whenever they need it. It's all about choice. When our customer experience team talks with clients about how we are doing, Marketing clients always take time to share their views. Most are happy that we stopped and took the time to ask them "How was your experience? How are we doing? Did we meet your expectations? How can we improve?"  Here's what they are telling us:customer-engagement
  • A Division Marketing Manager  recently shared with us that she loves the access to e-Commerce ordering. She orders her supplies every few weeks on a Saturday morning. It's what works for her schedule and she appreciates the flexibility.
  • Another Division Marketing Manager shared that our BP Custom Shopper team had spent quality time with her on the phone developing a custom product she envisioned to brand the closing/signing event. She uses e-Commerce services to buy marketing supplies from her Builder e-Store. And, she loves having the attentive service of our BP Custom Shopper team to develop new products.
  • We work with a Marketing Coordinator who is also a graphic artist (great combination!). Her team had been using a USB drive to distribute video content to qualified home buyers. She was able to shift that project to BP, because we could take her graphic concept and deliver it more cost-effectively through our Global Sourcing program. 10+ communities each received their own custom branded USB drive showcasing the community brand in combination with the Builder Brand. We preload video content for all communities and sales staff are able to preload specific e-brochures depending on their prospect's interest.
  • Another Marketing Coordinator was delighted to find out that she could opt-in for BP GroupBuy. She now receives an auto-notification when her Division colleagues are purchasing products she uses. 
  • Marketing Managers for a top Builder, are all excited about the e-Store refresh that added 30+  brand-specific products to their Builder Brand e-Store. When we interviewed these Managers as part of the store refresh process, they all told us they were enthusiastic about getting real localized support and having another way to meet their collective SG&A goals too. They like the ability to collaborate even though they don't always have the time to share ideas. Their store will share ideas in a central location they can all access for creative support and cost-efficiencies.
  • A VP called to "deal with" getting doormats for her new Models because she had not yet replaced a Marketing Coordinator who would normally handle this transaction. Needless to say, she was busy and could only talk for about 30 seconds. We directed her to the site and she ordered from her iPad that evening. She was relieved that she could handle the purchase online from the comfort of her home office at a time that worked for her busy schedule. 
  • The Construction Department for a top 10 builder shared that through their new e-Store, they were able to easily access high-quality apparel from known retail brands. They were able to make everyone happy with apparel that employees will wear confidently.
If you'd like to learn more about how to launch your own Builder Branded store and benefit from services like BP Custom Shopper and BP GroupBuy, we'd love to talk. We've got this down to a 15-minute overview in a brief meeting.  After that we engage with your Division teams. It's insanely simple. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger and VP, Digital Product Marketing, 800.388.3565  

Who are the Influencers in a New Home Sale?

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bluebonnets-STOCK-1200x540 Who wouldn't want to share this beautiful photo? That's probably what Lennar Homes thought when they posted this lifestyle image for one of their new home communities in Texas. For a lot of us, it's not about the house. It's about what we see through our windows and the spaces outside  where we explore with a small child on a Saturday morning or get out for a run after work. These kinds of images cut through the burden of home buying details and give buyers a sense of how it would feel to live in that home. If you are an Influencer, you want to share this image with people you know. You can't help yourself! It's a gorgeous piece of shareable content. Builders want to be thinking about how to get relevant content to their Influencer audience. I received this infographic about Influence Marketing today. It got me thinking about who the Influencers are for a new home sale. Here are three influencer categories from my perspective. What do you think? Realtors - They can influence their clients to consider the benefits of a new home while they are also looking at resale homes. We recently wrote a post about what Realtors want from Builders. Connectors/Brand Advocates - Connectors are people who love to share content with their networks. They are easy to find if you can send a short NPS survey. You can use a question like, "How likely would you be to refer people in your network to our new home communities?" Nothing better than a one question survey - fast, easy and takes no time away from your customers. When you have this data, take the responders with the highest score and do a quick search to see who is most active digitally. Even if it's a handful, you have the seeds of an Influence Marketing effort. Sales team members may intuitively know who some of these Connectors are, and they may be ready to broadcast for you. All you have to do is ask and share content. The Social Media Examiner has written a good article with 9 reasons you want to engage with these Influencers. Lifestyle Bloggers - If you can connect with a Blogger in your markets, you have a way to leverage your content across a much larger group of home buying consumers. GroupHigh helps companies build profitable relationships with Bloggers. They offer a good database of Blog titles, subject matter, audience demographic, audience reach and tools to easily cultivate relationships on behalf of your builder brand. I love this quote because it reminds us to aspire to give our brands greater meaning. And I think it also makes it easier to connect with Influencers. new-brand-rules-3-728Builder brands are thoughtfully designing living environments that inspire a sense of community, provide an environment for families to connect and offer spaces for renewal and creativity. Influencers will tell people about the important work you are doing, if you can find and engage them!   Have you identified your influencers?  Do you have a Social Influencer Campaign in place? We'd love to hear from you, and we are actively seeking guest bloggers on this topic. Please connect with us if you are a Home Builder Marketer and would like to cultivate this conversation further through a guest blog post or series. Thanks for stopping by and engaging with us. Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, an e-commerce, and mobile procurement platform delivering branded products used throughout the new home selling cycle. Builder Promotions proprietary GroupBuy service enables Divisions to benefit from collaborative purchasing.