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Custom Flags perform 3 important tasks for New Home Communities.

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Flags serve several important purposes for New Home Communities:

  • Attract
  • Identify
  • Direct

When new home buying prospects shift from digital shopping to an in-person visit at your beautifully designed new home communities, they are usually met with inviting, eye-catching and enticing Community branding, architecturally interesting entrances and billowing flags. Flags are a cost-effective way to signal that there is a new home community waiting to be explored, discovered and enjoyed by prospective home buyers.

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In the context of new home marketing, a flag’s main purpose is to create movement that attracts prospects. Secondarily, they identify your brand and differentiate your Community from others in the area. Read More

SG&A Goals? Getting More from Lean Marketing Budgets.

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CompanyStoreTemplateFinalCompany e-Store platforms have burst forth in the procurement world, supporting every possible form of purchasing and enabling enterprises to centralize their spend and operate more profitably. I thought it worth a blog post to talk about how our e-Store Platform helps Builder Marketing Teams use their lean budgets cost-effectively. So here’s an overview followed by real life examples of what our clients say about the support they get from their virtual marketing team at Builder Promotions.

Builder Promotions has a procurement platform that enables Builder Marketers to purchase all the branded marketing supplies they use throughout the home selling cycle. To make life easy for our busy Builder clients, Read More