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Let’s Do Lunch – Refueling

Simple Lunch Refueling Ideas from the Tasty Social Platform

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I have been working remotely on and off for many years. It so happens that I am in an office currently but have been working at home again during this health crisis. I have gone back to a few bad habits which included skipping lunch. This is a surprisingly common habit among remote workers. For that reason we are sharing simple lunch ideas to refuel for that afternoon Zoom Conference meeting. Our ideas are brought to you by the largest social media food platform on the planet - Buzzfeed's Tasty Brand. Beloved by digital natives and Millennials, Tasty provides fast and engaging video recipes that are typically delivered in about one minute with a written recipe posted beside the video. It's entertaining as well as a pragmatic way to ensure you are refueling for the afternoon ahead.  

TASTY Lunch Ideas - Refueling Simplicity

This link takes you to 200+ Tasty Lunch ideas filtered by "healthy". Enjoy!     Visit BP Home Base for other content to help you with the unique challenges of Working-From-Home during Covid-19.