Make Someone's Day with a Branded Gifting Experience.

Delight + Doorstep-delivery, made easy. 

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Bring a Smile to the Faces of Your Team Members, New Home Owners and Realtors


As we move toward more remote work environments, it's the small things that can bring a smile to someone's day. Builder Promotions gift packaging and logistics management, make it easy for you to light up people's day with personalized warmth and at-scale efficiency. 


*We customize these kits with your brand and color story. The images here reflect celebration themes to help you plan your gifting experience.


$45 - $55 per set. Minimum order 100 sets.


$45 - $55 per set. Minimum order 100 sets.


$70 - $95 per set. Minimum order 100 sets.


$90 - $100 per set. Minimum order 50 sets.

Choose a pre-made gifting kit or work with one of our experts to design a custom kit to suit your audience and budget requirements. 

Work with a Builder Promotions creative expert to build a custom gifting program fully tailored to your brand, budget, and timing. Welcome new home owners, celebrate your team, and share the love with Realtors. Want to mark a milestone on the buyer's journey? Make signing day special and bring a festive gift to the first design center visit. We will package it for your milestone and infuse it with your brand personality. We take the logistics of this kind of gifting system off your list of marketing to-do's. This is plug and play simplicity at work.


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