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Happy Mother’s Day to Working Moms Everywhere

By May 12, 2019July 28th, 2019BP News
May 12, 2019 I love it when our clients share a story or refer to their children during a conversation about work.  It reminds me that we are working every day to support amazing females who are working very long hours creating exceptional customer experiences while also fulfilling the role of a lifetime, as a Mom. It's never easy to be a working Mother because we all feel pulled in two directions. We want to create excellence in our professional lives and meet our potential. When we are not at work (and often when we are at work) we cannot wait to be present with our children whether it's at home with little ones, listening to a college freshman on the phone or sitting through a first dance rehearsal. There are many adaptations of "working Mom" and everyone seems to find their own way to make this work. Today we celebrate that we live in a world where this can work and that our brand is fortunate to  support some of the most amazing working Moms there are.  It's truly one of the reasons I like going to work every day. What interests me personally is that the females we support seem to apply their nurturing qualities to their profession. It's one of the many benefits of giving women a voice at all levels in the workplace. I consistently see some of the nurturing qualities that are so important in parenting, being applied by our clients to their professional work as marketers of New Home Communities. So here's to all the amazing Moms today! We celebrate you and these important qualities you bring to your brand's engagement with new home buying consumers: Devotion: You are genuinely devoted to delivering the American Dream of home ownership to new home buyers. You understand that thriving in a "home" is different than buying a house. And you are completely devoted to their journey. Giving Freedom - allowing consumers to develop their own design voice.You know that people love the freedom to choose what works for them in a home. We are inspired by your passion for helping prospects learn about all their choices and design a home that works for their lifestyle. You fundamentally understand that helping someone find their voice is a good thing. Authentically interested: You are really interested in understanding and listening to buyers in your markets. You seem to really "get it" that consumers need to talk about what they desire in a home. They don't need to be told. People have aspirations. Listening is key to understanding them.  I think this is one reason that home buying consumers love your brands. Delight in creating Joy: You want people to feel joyful about  their new home.  We love implementing your ideas and helping you bring your vision to life to welcome new home buyers and give them the experience of a lifetime creating their new home. You are genuinely having fun when you are delivering joy and delight. These are all qualities that we employ at home with our families, and businesses are fortunate that these capabilities can be infused into the work environment. The work place is  better because of this. Cheers! Leslie Bridges Chief Blogger P.S. Full disclosure. This blog writer is a  working Mom. She knows that every day is not perfect and that the imperfect moments are some of the best times. Being a working Mom can be trying on some days and finding a work community who can embrace that is a gift without price. P.S.S. Some of the best Moms I know are Dads.    

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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