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3 Behavioral Trends that Impact New Home Sales and Design

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"In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity." Albert Einstein

  The Harvard Business Review team suggests there are some specific behavioral changes that will change the way businesses think about consumer products and services. All three of them are opportunities for New Home Builders and it doesn't take a leap to see why. Covid-19 has disrupted the status Quo. How will you find opportunity in that? For New Home Builders, this post is a great road map. Here's to New Business Normals on the trail ahead!                   

Three Behavioral Trends That Will Reshape Our Post-covid World


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Builder Resource Content for the week ended 5/1/20

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New home builders are proving that even in a global Pandemic, you can deliver joy and comfort to consumers who are ready to create their dream life in a new home. So this week, the theme of our content is Virtual Selling and Customer Care. We love supporting your creativity and inventive ideas for meeting consumers where they are right now.

Perfecting the "Video Interview" - Who to interview? Happy Customers, Inspiring Architects, Creative Designers, School Principals in areas where your Community is being developed. These kinds of interviews can be delivered across all content channels.

Everything you need to use Zoom Webinar for customer engagement

If you have Zoom Pro, you can use it as a webinar! Super easy. Learn how here. This is an under-appreciated virtual selling tool.

Topic Ideas to engage interested home buyers using Zoom Webinars:

  • Invite your Community interest list to hear you interview the Principal of the school that draws home buyers to your area. Talk about their plans for eventually getting kids back to school. Call it "The Principals Office".
    Have a weekend cooking demonstration by a Chef in a local restaurant near your Communities, and feature a recipe everyone can use at home right now. Call it "Kitchen Conversations".
  • If there's an amazing preserve or park near your Community, interview one of the many Instagram photographers from NatGeo, and share ideas about enjoying the great outdoors. Call it a "Blue Sky Summit".
  • All it takes is a topic, an interviewee, and a simple email invite for a webinar-style Zoom.

Using Zoom like a Pro- 13 Tips - Think of Zoom as another sales channel. It's a powerful communication platform you can leverage as a virtual selling tool. Mastering how to use its features is key. And yes, "touch up" really does work!

Podcast - Do you convert with Mike Lyon

Popular this week! As always BDX delivers useful, actionable content for Builders everywhere.
34 Minutes - great lunch break walk n' listen.

5 Key Consumer Shifts

From the team at Burns Consulting. This is a template for creating a meaningful customer experience virtually (or physically). Talk to people in the language of their concerns of the moment. If you didn't catch this in our last newsletter, you will want to view it. (2 min. read).

Is Health the New Luxury?

From a regional Home Builder who is addressing consumers' concerns about healthy home environments.

Curbside Closings 

This is where the virtual experience blends into real human contact...safely. How are you making the experience extra special for consumers? A housewarming gift at this point in the buyer's experience is a little piece of icing-on-the-cake joy. If you'd rather deliver the welcome gift on move-in day, think about an activity book to ease the stress of signing with kids in the back seat. You can brand it "curbside kids". Like a happy meal for the brain.

Three anchors for all your Communications right now: Emotion, Empathy, Compassion

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           Why Compassion, Emotion and Empathy Matter right Now       The Team at Emotive Brand in Oakland, California produces some of the best writing I've seen about why brands need to be based on emotion and the importance of compassion and empathy always, but especially right now. They make it simple and clear. If you need some inspiration, this quick read will give you a reset and position you for rich conversations with team members and customers throughout your day. The time for emotion and meaning is now.       Come view other BP Home Base content across 5 different categories of interest. Feel free to adapt and share with your team members or customers.

New Home Builder Marketing Resources to consider during Covid-19

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  We want to share some resources to help you with Marketing challenges during the Covid-19 disruption. The BDX webinar, Podcast and Burns Consulting pieces below were published in the last two weeks and share fresh perspectives on the New Home Buyer consumer within the context of Covid-19. The IBS Show was in January. What is relevant now? 100+ sessions to choose from and get inspiration and perhaps some perspective while you are working-from-home, in the link below. If your company attended you have a complimentary subscription to this content for a year. Ask about this and get access! And the FaceBook Live Guidebook is a Hubspot gem published at the end of 2019. We are wondering how you strike the right tone for home tours which often lack a personalized touch, even though they are beautiful to view. FaceBook live offers a way to give a home tour a personal touch. It's also one of the most widely shared forms of video content. Last is a presentation from the IBS 2020 show about "first time buyer preferences", which helps you relate to them through the lens of features they want when you are engaging virtually or at a safe distance in person.   Here's our list of resource links - hope they help as you find ways to let consumers know you understand what they are going through right now.       

Dual Career Couples Working From Home? Help is here. (from Harvard Biz Review)

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Full disclosure, I am in a dual career couple marriage and my business partner happens to also be my life partner and husband. We have been at this for 20+ years. We don't typically lead with that fact because we want our clients to know our brand and culture, not our marital status. Our corporation is more than competent to bring solutions to very large brands who depend on us to manage their brand compliance. What does it matter that we fell into working as business partners and we happen to be married? It doesn't. It's not easy. Most of my friends say they could never do it. Trust me, if you are a dual professional couple right now, managing work and family life under one roof, you can do this....temporarily. The fact that you don't own a business together, removes a ton of complexity. Reading this may even give you sigh of relief that you do not "work with" your spouse! Harvard Business Review has published this article in their FREE content, which unpacks the current challenges and gives you some tips for taking action as a dual professional couple in the time of Covid-19. We sincerely hope this resource provides a respite from normal tensions around balancing priorities of two professions in one household.  

How Dual Career Couples Can Work Through the Corona Virus Crisis.

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A letter from Microsoft’s Female Director of China – A Perspective

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Here's a question I posed to my friend the other day: Would you read a letter from China differently today than you would have 3 weeks ago? I would! That's why I'm posting this very down to earth letter from the Director or Microsoft China after their outbreak. She talks candidly about what she learned from remote work and most-interestingly, what she learned from her customers. Her letter was published on March 2, 2020. I am grateful to Lily for sharing her perspective. We think it's a golden nugget of insight that got lost in the plethora of LinkedIn feed articles. We are all in this together.  

What the Female Director of Microsoft China Learned About Work and Covid-19

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From the Huffington Post – 11 Work-From-Home Hacks for Newbies

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11 Productivity Work-From-Home Hacks for Newbies

  In the best of times, it's hard to turn off distractions and focus while working remotely. It's even harder now as we navigate daily information briefings, our kids schedules, work that is evolving and less than ideal new work spaces at home. Covid-19 has created the ultimate work distraction and it's real.This is one of the best checklists we've seen. I have worked remotely on and off for many years these are all actionable ideas that can help you focus on work and compartmentalize the constant stream of Covid-19 information.

11 Productivity Work-From-Home Hacks for Newbies

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8 Work From Home Tips from NPR

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NPR 8 Tips  Work-From-Home Checklist

Working from home may be new to you and feel like a forced experiment in chaos at work. We think these NPR tips are a good list and actionable for anyone today. We hope you are able to use some of this to help you feel more productive, during these unprecedented times. NPR 8 Tips  Work-From-Home Checklist         Visit BP Home Base for other content to help you with the unique challenges of Working-From-Home during Covid-19.