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Custom Flags perform 3 important tasks for New Home Communities.

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Flags serve several important purposes for New Home Communities:
  • Attract
  • Identify
  • Direct

When new home buying prospects shift from digital shopping to an in-person visit at your beautifully designed new home communities, they are usually met with inviting, eye-catching and enticing Community branding, architecturally interesting entrances and billowing flags. Flags are a cost-effective way to signal that there is a new home community waiting to be explored, discovered and enjoyed by prospective home buyers.

Construction At A PulteGroup Inc. Housing Development Ahead of Earnings Figures In the context of new home marketing, a flag's main purpose is to create movement that attracts prospects. Secondarily, they identify your brand and differentiate your Community from others in the area. TRIpointhomes Lastly and most importantly,  flags are important signage that direct visitors to your Sales Center and Models. As digital shoppers begin to align with your brand, it's important to ensure they can find you easily in what often is a sea of new home communities built in expanding and crowded regional markets. Here are the main design components and flag styles used by our Home Builder clients. These serve all three purposes;  signaling, decoration and signage. Flag Designs:                                                     Flag Styles: Custom Builder Flags                                        Custom feather flags (138" x 27") American Flags                                                   Vertical Adbreeze flags State Flags                                                           Horizontal rectangular flags Solid Color Accent Flags Buyers often mistake flags as permanent signage when they are in fact a perishable product. They are often at the mercy of mother nature and that is why its important to refresh them every 3-6 months. Everything from intense sunshine (Florida/Arizona) to high winds (northern California) to hurricane weather (gulf coast), can impact the life of a flag. The good news is that by far, flags are one of the best brand investments because they cost pennies on the dollar for each brand exposure. This is especially true of poly flags which create movement and attract the eye with the slightest breeze. Gone are the days of a heavy nylon flag wrapped around a flag pole hiding your brand. Europe has been ahead of the curve on this for years and most builders have shifted to the Poly flags because they do the job better, last as long as nylon and are significantly more cost-effective.


  Here's the simple Math - Let's say you have 30 Adbreeze flags installed throughout your newly launched community. They cost you $22 each for a total of  $660 (flags only  - poles do not need to be replaced).  Let's say your traffic per month is 500 visitors. That's 44 cents per brand exposure for 1500 visitors over 90 days. And because a flags job is to attract passersby, it's critically important that they are replaced and refreshed regularly. Many Builders refresh their flags quarterly. alternativebuildercategorystoreimageflags If you are using the smaller rectangular flags, the math is even more compelling - 30 3' x 5' flags at $10.95 each or a total of $328. That's 22 cents per brand exposure for 1500 visitors over 90 days. Signage is permanent and flags are perishable. It's important to refresh flags and recognize that they are dollar for dollar, one of the best values there is in brand advertising for new Home Communities. Builder Promotions has a JIT (just-in-time) Flag program that helps you manage your needs and keep community merchandising fresh, cost-effectively. Flags can be shipped to communities directly or to installers locally. Thanks for Stopping by! We appreciate you sharing your time with us. Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc. the leading builder-centric e-Commerce platform and group buying service. Builder Promotions centralizes and consolidates purchases of marketing supplies used to support the entire new home buyer journey. BP Custom Shopper™ is a signature service of Builder Promotions, Inc.  Builder Promotions designs, manufactures and distributes New Home Builder Flags, Avenue Banners and Hardware.  We'd love to talk with you about how your outdoor merchandising is working to influence new home buyers. Talk with us by calling 800.388.3565 or connect via email at

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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