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Welcome to BP Regional Builder

Solutions designed for trusted local builders with deep Community roots.

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Welcome to
BP Regional Builder

Solutions for America's trusted local builders. 

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A complete solution of branded products and marketing services that support the entire new homebuyer experience.

Our brand solutions support your #1 competitive advantage: Deep local Community roots.

BP Regional Online Brand Portal

Complimentary Regional Builder eStore embeds brand consistency by centralizing and consolidating brand collateral with anywhere access ordering for your whole team. Marketing Managers are liberated from vendor management and focus on customer experience innovation.

eStore bundle includes:

  • 20 product eStore
  • 30 minute consult via Zoom Conference
  • Digital Storyboard presentation for Marketing approvals
  • eStore build into live portal
  • Written Launch Communication provided for internal buyers
  • Launch meetings for internal buyers via Zoom with client approval
  • Quarterly Trend Check: complimentary share of product trends and relevant new ideas via 20 minute Zoom or Deck presentation.

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BP Regional Graphic Design Solutions

We prioritize your design work:

  • Translate your branding into all forms of marketing collateral, print or digital
  • Digital ad creation across all platforms
  • Content and/or ads for social media, based on client strategy
  • Illustrations digital or traditional
  • Graphic design for events, conventions and training
  • Print layout and press production management

Use code BPR for a complimentary FREE first hour.
$69 per hour for Design support.

BP Regional Digital Marketing Assistant

While you work on your business, we’ll work on your digital marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Assistant is designed to do the digital marketing heavy lifting for you and provide insights, leads and growth. Our proprietary bundle of digital marketing tools work together to combine local search with proximal search, a referral system and distribution of automated relevant blog content.

This is hands on for us and hands off for you. Complimentary consult provides us with an overview of your current digital marketing work and enables you to see in detail, our proprietary process. While you work on your business, we work on your digital marketing.

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BP Custom Shopper® Services

Like having a personal marketing assistant. Complimentary.

  • BP Customer Shopper(R) services will Source 5-10 creative “best-of” products for your project ideation.
  • Presentation deck with digital mock ups for team decision making
  • Gift Packaging mock ups
  • Kitting consult
  • Apparel Styling & Editing consult
  • Logistics consult

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SKYNAV Immersive Marketing Experience

Introducing SKYNAV

Sky to Ground virtual experience that enables consumers to wander through your community, view all the amenities and outdoor areas in addition to a “fly over” to regional iconic locations that are a draw for anyone thinking about making your Community their new home. This solution is designed for CEO's of Regional Builders who feel they are on the leading edge of virtualization and digital experience design for consumers.

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Find out more about how Builder Promotions experts can help you.

Work with a Builder Promotions expert to develop marketing strategies, resources, and merchandise that will help you add value to your reputation as a trusted local builder with deep community roots. We know this is your strongest competitive advantage.

Our BP Regional Builder services are designed to deliver a broad range of brand marketing products and services to enhance the new home buyer experience no matter where they are engaging in your local and regional markets.

Consider us for help with: 

  • BP Regional Online Brand Portal
  • BP Regional Graphic Design Solutions
  • BP Regional Digital Marketing Assistant™
  • BP Custom Shopper® Services
  • SKYNAV Immersive Marketing Experience

We understand the needs of new home builders. 

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