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Realtor Engagement

How are you going to grow your Realtor Partner program in 2018?

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  It's a well known fact that in most markets, Realtors can multiply sales efforts for new home builders. So, how do you engage Realtors and influence them to bring prospects to your new home communities? Builders use every kind of event marketing concept to bring Realtors to their new home communities. As everyone knows, the goal of these events is to help Realtors see why a new home may be the best solution for their buyers and to experience, first-hand, the benefits of a beautifully designed new home community in their marketing area. Now that we're into the new year, we thought it would be a good time to share a brief round-up of content pieces that address the Builder and Realtor relationship. We hope these provide some marketing inspiration for the new year.
  • What do Realtors think about when they make the decision to show your new home community to their prospects? addressed this question by publishing a list of 15 things Realtors want Home Builders to know.
  • If you are trying to break through the marketing noise directed at Realtors in your region, you may be interested in this article from Professional Builder about the 5 Ways to reach out to Realtors.
  • BDX is a treasure trove of content about all things Builder Marketing. This webinar about Why You Need Real Estate Agents is one of the best we've seen and it's as current today as it was a year ago when I first wrote about it in this blog.
  • is a website hosted by BDX that is devoted to Realtor content and education. Topics include: New home 101, Why Show New, How to Sell new and The Building Process. Referring Realtors to this link is one simple way to support them immediately.
When we listen to our clients talk about their Realtor relationship-building, we hear a few consistent themes:
  • Sales Teams go to Broker and Realtor offices regularly to be part of their internal meetings. They often drop off business gifts.
  • Smart Builders treat Realtors like customers and educate them about how they build along with the value their new homes offer.
  • Quality over quantity. 10% of the Realtors bring 90% of the business. Builders target the high producing Realtors.
  • All Builders find creative ways to welcome Realtors to their Sales Centers. This includes everything from monthly lunch meetings to VIP wine tastings.
When Builders host Realtors at their new home communities, we are always asked to create memorable gifts that can be presented to Realtors as part of the special event. Our BP Custom Shopper™ service has delivered countless presentations with creative ideas to help Builders cultivate a connection between their Communities and high performing Realtors they are targeting. No blog post about Realtor engagement would be complete without sharing some of the creative ways that Builders are using Realtor gifts to cultivate brand awareness. Here are three of our favorites: Wildly popular at the moment are these yeti-style stainless tumblers. Everyone who sees a product sample has a "must-have" reaction to them. They are trendy, stylish and pragmatic all at once which makes them an ideal carrier for any Builder brand looking to add some promotion to their Realtor program. You can find these in our builder-centric website. You can hear from our Sourcing Manager in this short one minute video too.  
The BP Custom Shopper™ team is also loves anything that promotes the gourmet kitchen and great room spaces that new homes offer. There is no doubt that the open concept style, combined with thoughtful design is a knock out benefit to the right home buying consumer. This contemporary gourmet cookbook includes a custom-designed insert page to give Realtors an overview of your community while they are enjoying the well-known Food52 gourmet recipes designed for today's busy professionals. It's a way to showcase the open concept gourmet kitchen/great room living spaces new home builders do so well.
Because so many Realtor Gifts need to reinforce the educational value of a Realtor event, our team loves this journal with a custom promotional page to communicate about the benefits of a new home and your specific community attributes. The journal itself provides a simple tool for jotting down notes about your new home community during your event or meeting.
Thanks for stopping by. Check out our BP Custom Shopper™ page for a turnkey event digital marketing event checklist. Digital marketing experts and Hubspot Partner at the Builder Funnel designed exclusive content for our clients. We hope that it helps you simplify the process of growing the right RSVP list for your Realtor and Prospect events.
Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger
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