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4 Builder Marketing Resources that deliver tactical know-how

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Happy New Year! I love nature images because they are like a visual meditation. Even when you have to tackle a long to-do list to get your year jump-started, a simple image like this can deliver a moment of much needed calm. Our first blog post of 2018 is focused on Builder marketing resources that deliver simple and useful insights and solid tactical marketing know-how. They may even give you a moment of calm because you'll uncover and an insight or an answer about something that has eluded you. Hopefully you can grab a nugget or two and positively impact your sales. Here's the list!       
  • There is Marketing insight gold in this Boka Group Research about the Digital Home Buying ExperienceOf particular interest are informative visual graphics that quickly illustrate how different marketing channels influence home buyer attraction to your website. The most influential marketing channel in drawing people to Builder websites is Independent Listing sites. The #2 is Organic Search and #3 is offline advertising.  There's also an instructive graph depicting what a Builder website must have in order to fulfill the needs of a home buyers in the research phase of their journey.  We recommend reading the report for more. It's full of visuals and easy to digest.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • The book Browsers to Buyers, by Mike Lyon is a resource for any Builder who is starting or evolving their online sales program. Mike writes about the incredible opportunities for online selling and offers a guide to put it all into place. It's a smart "how-to" book for a growing sales channel.                                                                                                                              
  • 67% of home buyers are being represented by a Realtor. So if you are thinking about your Realtor engagement strategy and tactics, you are a smart Marketer. You may not know that BDX has an informative and user-friendly Realtor Portal at, which enables you to help your Realtor partners immerse themselves in all the benefits of selling a new home. Content topics cover: New Home 101, How to Sell New, Why Show New, The Building Process. Ask us about how to add that link to one of our custom printed USB Drives so you can engage and educate Realtors in your markets.                                                                                                                                  
  • Sometimes the tactical detail of digital Marketing execution can feel cumbersome. There are so many things to do to create a campaign that meets your goals and delivers more leads. Our partners at the Builder's Funnel recently created some content for us to share with new Home Builder marketers. If you are interested in growing your Event RSVP lists, read this turnkey digital marketing checklist. It's a simple step by step map for getting more qualified buyers to your Community Marketing Events. And if you don't have time to read it, you can delegate it to a team member. It's that easy!
Thanks for stopping by. We'll be posting more of our favorite Marketing resources in the next few weeks to help you fuel your marketing engine this year. Cheers, Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Our blog, Marketing Blueprints, is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., a builder-centric procurement portal that helps New Home Builders consolidate marketing supplies and printed collateral used to support the entire new home buyer journey.      

Filling an Event at Your New Home Community – First in a Series

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When our clients host an event at their new home community, we create a memorable branded gift that deepens a prospect's connection to the brand, after the event has passed. So that's one task our busy Division Marketer clients can check off their long list of Event "to dos". But we know that's not even a fraction of the work to be done to launch an event. We know that the important work of making any event a success is drawing a crowd! Our readers will be excited to learn that in this blog post, we're interviewing Builder Funnel marketing expert Spencer Powell, about building traffic for your events. We know that economy of time is important to Builder Marketers, and we love Spencer's efficient step by step approach to planning and executing an event filled with interested prospects. And, to make life easy for our readers, we asked Spencer to create bonus content so you can download the checklist and keep it as digital resource. We'll share it later in the post. Here's the interview: Marketing Blueprints: Can you tell us how you approach the planning and execution for new home community events? Spencer Powell,  Builder Funnel: We help our new home builder clients approach this in two phases. The first phase is building out your digital assets. The second phase is implementing your outreach campaign leading up to the event. Marketing Blueprints: Can you start by giving us your check list for building assets? Spencer Powell, Builder Funnel: Yes, it's a simple list. Ideally the process begins 4-6 weeks out before an event is actually going to take place. The timing plays an important role in growing your RSVP list. If you are tight on time, feel free to download the checklist and read it when it's most convenient for you.                                                                

Turnkey Digital Marketing Event Checklist

Here’s our Phase One checklist:
  1. Make a Schedule so that tasks on this checklist are placed within the time frame leading up to your event. Even if you have less time than is ideal, a schedule helps you keep track of anyone on your team who is helping you get this done. 
  1. Access or request existing community content you will need to share in emails, on your landing page and in social posts. Having this ready will keep you on schedule.
  • Video Tour
  • Community Brochure
  • Floorplans
  • Lifestyle & Home Imagery content
  1. Prepare your email content for the invite to your Database and calendar reminders to everyone who sends an RSVP.
  2. Develop an Event landing Page. This is where people will RSVP on your website. The landing page should include information about the event, enticing community imagery and all the event details communicated with a sense of excitement.
  1. Create a “Thank You Page” that is automated from the Landing page to express your appreciation for the RSVP. Tell people how excited you are that they are attending. This is where you share exciting information about the Community you are promoting. It’s a perfect place to deliver “bonus content” like floor plans, a video tour, and your community brochure to everyone who RSVP’s. Ultimately the thank you page shows your appreciation and reinforces the prospects attraction to the community.
Example:      6. Write an automated follow up email for people who close out before they get the thank you message. It should be a             duplicate of the Thank you page. Example:     7. Leverage the Division Website using a Call to Action Graphic that links to the Event Landing page. Example:
  1. Prepare your Social Posts with links back to the landing page to create excitement leading up to your Event. Use event announcement, video tours of your community and home lifestyle imagery content to entice prospective home buyers.
  • Facebook – Create an event page and post an album for the Community
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Houzz – Post a project around your Models
  • YouTube – Video Tour
In our second post we'll discuss the execution of the Event campaign. Here's a sneak peek. Marketing Blueprints: So much to do, so little time. Planning really helps. Now that you’ve set up your schedule and you've built all your digital assets, how do you get people to your Event? Spencer Powell, Builder Funnel:  Now that you’ve developed your assets and content, you’ll see why it pays to get all that lined up early. At this point, about 3 weeks out, it’s all about inviting your list, amplifying to the surrounding community via Social Media and consistent reminders to get them there. If you can't wait for our second post, feel free to download the checklist and save it as a resource to plan your upcoming events.              Home Builder Event Marketing Checklist Thanks for sharing your turnkey checklist with us Spencer! We look forward to sharing Event Marketing Phase Two in our next post.  To our readers and clients -- we hope this content adds value to your Community Marketing and makes your work just a little bit easier, too. Cheers! Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions. Builder Promotions is the leading builder-centric e-Commerce and creative services platform helping new home builders centralize purchases of branded marketing supplies used to support the entire new home buyer journey. BP Custom Shopper(tm), a Builder Promotions signature service, brings creative sourcing support to Division Marketers nationwide.