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Does "Doing Good" Matter to Customers?

We have a feeling that it does and we've decided to make "doing good" a part of our business model.  We have launched a company campaign to raise money for The Monarch Schools, an accredited K-12 school that serves 100% children impacted by Homelessness. Builder Promotions has been contributing a portion of the proceeds from sales in our Builder marketing e-Stores to this amazing We think it's significant that Builder Marketers can purchase Marketing supplies they need to promote their communities and help solve a huge problem that relates to the importance of a Home.In this case, education is the "roof" we are building to protect children from a future of adult homelessness. You can learn more about Monarch through this brief video interview with their extraordinary students. monarch-meet_our_students Here's my story about what inspired me to make giving to Monarch a part of our business model.
Last year I was visiting the Monarch School in San Diego where I live and work. This is an accredited K-12 school that serves 100% children impacted by homelessness. A young woman engaged me with a huge smile and burst forth about her soon-to-be journey to college in the Bay Area. She was positively electric about her future and wanted me to know that what everyone did to help Monarch made a real difference in the lives of young homeless children. She was the embodiment of hope. She then generously invited me to her graduation ceremony and we shared a hug good-bye. I was moved and began to think about how to help create more opportunity for people  like this amazing young woman. And I wanted to do something that would encourage corporate entities to give to a ground-breaking cause they might not know about. 0834dfe18 I decided to set up a fund-raising campaign sponsored by our company, Builder Promotions, a nationwide firm in the San Diego community. Our clients are the Nation's Home Builders and we support their mission to enable the American Dream of home ownership. Between our Clients, our Supply chain partners and other Stakeholders (and friends), we hope to collectively contribute to Monarch's mission. If we can build homes for Americans who already have a roof over their head, why not build an "education roof" that provides children protective shelter from a future of adult homelessness. Monarch offers an education and wrap-around support services that breed the intense form of hope that propels a young person toward their dreams. This is what struck me in my encounter with the effusive college-bound student I met on my visit to Monarch. monarch 2 Monarch's model is one that could be eventually replicated nationwide which is why we think it's so important. Wherever you are marketing new home communities, you can make a difference by purchasing marketing supplies from our Event Stores and Holiday Shops and it helps the school flourish.  Monarch-School-Smiling-Girls-300x167 Contributions will be given directly to the Monarch School by Builder Promotions. Look for updates on our Social Media. Please tell your colleagues and friends. We've already raised $1400 and given it to Monarch. Thank you to our friends, family, suppliers and clients who have helped us make an impact. Cheers! Leslie Bridges Partner, Builder Promotions, Inc Chief Blogger, Marketing Blueprints
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Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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