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Why Pet-Friendly Marketing Helps Sell New Home Communities

By June 28, 2018July 24th, 2018Uncategorized
Children, pets, and equity are significant considerations for today’s homebuyers. Last August, ProBuilder reported that Millennials look for a bit more room for their furry companions when they’re out hunting for their new home. That wasn’t the case before as home sellers used to hide all the traces of their pets when preparing for a home sale. Today, pets have become a plus when it comes to real estate marketing. In the US: about 65% (roughly 79 million) of households own a pet. When compared to 1988 when pets were found in only 9% of homes, this is a massive increase that changed the home-selling game. So, when a real estate agent wants to sell a home, they need to address the buyer’s pet needs as well. Why are Pets Helpful to Real Estate Marketing? The surge in the number of animal owners has undoubtedly contributed to that, but is there more? Well, it’s simple – seeing a cute, fluffy dog touches on our emotions while it doesn’t get too personal. Just go to YouTube and search for “cute dog compilation” or “funny cats,” and the first five video results will have millions of views. As for the real estate business, it appeals to people’s idea of a happy family – parents, kids, and a dog. That means that the days of hiding a French Bulldog or Great Dane are long gone because the pups will most likely add up to the buyer’s excitement. The things that influence these pet-loving prospects are dog-friendly neighborhoods, nearby parks, and big fenced yards. By adding built-in dog beds, dog houses, and pet showers into the home design, it can tell Millennials about various additions for their pet companions. Top Pet Amenities for Your New Home New home builders today need to meet the needs of pet owners in their new home buying process. With some of these great pet amenities don’t require much sacrifice or extra cost but can add a lot of value for Millennial pet owners.
  • Pet doors. The essential feature that allows pets to enter and exit the house, as well as an invisible fence to keep them at home. That way, residents won’t have to think about letting them in or out.
  • Pet waste management. A pet waste management system is attached to the septic or sewer cleanout and allows pet waste to be deposited directly into the sewer.
  • Hard floors. For indoor pets, hardwood floors are much better than wall-to-wall carpeting. Hardwood floors and ceramic tile are more durable, damage resistant, and easier to clean. Laminate, slate, and wood are close behind. On the other hand, there are also carpets that are stain-resistant and can easily recover from different accidents, messes, and spills. Don’t forget to consider the pet’s hair color if you decide to go with carpeting, and choose the one that will best hide their hairs.
  • Built-in dog bed. Built-ins for dogs are great because pets can spend their time in peace while out of the way in the home. A built-in dog bed is a wonderful place of security that belongs only to one dog, where he can relax and feel safe without feeling anxious or trapped.
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