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Top Five Free Meditation Apps Worthy of Your Attention

By March 24, 2020March 29th, 2020Wellness

Top Five Free Meditation Apps Worthy of Your Attention

  Full disclosure, my idea of a meditation is 10 minutes with the "Calm App" ($60/annual fee), in the morning before work and previously at lunch in my car.  I try to be consistent. That's about all I can do because I find it hard to sit still. However, after that 10 minutes, I feel like I've been on a mini-vacay. It's miraculous. So I'm a fan of the mainstreaming of Meditation. And I love that there are so many top of the line FREE apps.  For me this small meditation works to set my intention for the day, to refocus if the 24 hour news cycle is getting to me or just to feel good, period. Apologies to the real meditating practitioners who read this. This content is for people who may be new to the benefits of a short meditation to ease their new workplace stress.     Visit BP Home Base for other content to help you with the unique challenges of Working-From-Home during Covid-19.

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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