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Top 10 Content Marketing Sites You May Not Be Using

By May 8, 2018July 24th, 2018Uncategorized
Today’s home buyers are savvier than ever; they’re simply too smart to be advertised to and spend most of their time researching new homes online. If you do content marketing right, you can get Google’s attention and become the go-to resource that delivers engaging content to them at the right time. Not only can you help your prospects with their buyer’s journey, but you also establish yourself as a leader in the space of new home builders. This is exactly why a content-based approach is your best strategy to build brand loyalty. With a powerful content marketing strategy, you can increase buyer engagement, improving both the quality and quantity of your leads. Here are the top 10 content marketing sites you may not have realized give excellent content marketing tips, tricks, and secrets:
  1. HubSpot
HubSpot offers advice and insights for content marketers with a focus on inbound marketing and sales. You'll also find opinion articles by industry experts.
  1. Marketo
Marketo shares advice on marketing automation, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and content marketing.
  1. Entrepreneur  
Are you already a fan of Then you will love their Women Entrepreneurs section which is devoted to female bosses. You will discover great advice, inspiration, video interviews with business leaders, and useful “how to” content.
  1. Business 2 Community
Business 2 Community describes themselves as an independent online community that shares up-to-date news on marketing, social media, branding, and PR.
  1. Social Media Examiner
Social Media Examiner publishes original content daily. Their posts focus on navigating your way around social media and social networking. You'll also find great advice and best practices on blogging and podcasts.
  1. Buffer
The Buffer blog focuses on content marketing's social side and UX. You'll find hacks for business productivity, writing, and strategy.
  1. eContent
eContent targets decision makers by featuring digital marketing articles focused on publishing, strategy, and media for businesses.
  1. Curata
Curata delivers insight into content marketing strategies. You will learn best practices in content curation and articles that will allow you develop an effective content strategy.
  1. Content Marketing Institute
If you're new to content marketing, Content Marketing Institute offers practical tips in a language beginners will easily understand. You will find plenty of educational "What is" pieces to help you get started on your content marketing journey.
  1. MarketingProfs
MarketingProfs helps you diversify your content marketing efforts by providing insight into the vast world of marketing. You will find a plethora of sales and marketing topics - from content to customer behavior to public relations and more. We hope that these content marketing resources prove useful to your online efforts. You won't learn everything you need to know overnight, but if you make small steps each day and keep looking for new ways to create and promote your content, content marketing will become second nature in a matter of months. We hope you’ll return to check out our blog, Marketing Blueprints to see what resources we’re sharing to support Builder Marketers. We are tweeting, pinning, posting, writing and LinkingIn. Here’s where you can find and follow us if you like.      Twitter: @HomebuilderMktg Instagram: @builderpromotions Pinterest Board: Fun, Creative, Useful Gift Ideas Facebook: LinkedIn:   Our blog is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., a complete solution of builder-centric branded products and print collateral that support the entire new home buyer journey.

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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