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How to Market Your Homes Using Print Collateral in A Digital Age

By May 14, 2018July 23rd, 2018Uncategorized
From presentation folders to floor plans to Community brochures and signage - new home builders still use high-quality print collateral to build their business and improve brand awareness. While some people argue that print advertising is dead because they believe that everyone is shifting to digitized marketing, we know that most home shoppers still want something tangible to take home and look over as they make their decision. There’s tremendous marketing power when you combine print and digital. And diversifying your sales and marketing strategy is ultimately how you can sell more homes. Print Collateral is very targeted and aimed at keeping the builder top of mind even when shoppers are back on their screens, looking at all the competition online. Print collateral comes in various sizes and formats for every need and budget. When it comes to marketing your new home community, here are some options to consider:
  • Community Brochures   
  • Floor plans
  • Plat Maps
  • Newsletter
  • Presentation folders
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Thank You cards
  • Sales sheets
  • Flyers
  • Document/Warranty Portfolios
You should always have these items ready to distribute to qualified prospects. Rather than approach them and sell them on an idea, having print collateral ready gives them a visual of what you’re pitching. The best part is that it’s something they can take home with them and immediately show their spouse or family members. To strengthen relationships with realtors, provide them with plenty of print collateral they can pass on to prospects. Never be caught without material to give people you meet; it’s the best way to communicate your message visually. Prepare plenty of print collateral at every open house or event and pass them out to everyone in attendance.   If your marketing efforts were entirely digitized or paperless, you would meet prospects and ask for their email address or direct mail details; once they agree to give it to you, only then can you send them digital brochures and info sheets. However, when you are equipped with a business card, a printed brochure, a floor plan, or flyer, you’re ready to physically place something in their hand that will keep you in their thoughts. And even if they forget about you as they go on with their day, they will be reminded of your meeting and your new home community the moment they find the printed items in their bag or pocket. In a time when we have become so used to seeing things on screen, digital marketing messages easily get lost and no longer leave as much of an impact as they once did. There was a time when seeing yourself on TV was momentous; the younger generations now shrug at the thought because they know how easy it is to gain exposure on screen by simply uploading a YouTube video, streaming live on Facebook, or sharing an Instagram story. This is why print collateral is as relevant as ever and far from becoming obsolete. To an older generation, there’s nostalgia in physically holding something in print. And for the younger market who was raised in a digital world, print is a refreshing novelty. Builder Promotions recently launched BP Central Print Hub to make it super simple for Marketing Departments to consolidate their print vendors into one national wholesale solution with a top print manufacturer. The most popular printed product is the Community Presentation Folder, so we've added 6 stylish designs to our website. The outcome is simplicity and significant cost savings. We hope you’ll return to check out our blog, Marketing Blueprints to see what resources we’re sharing to support Builder Marketers. We are tweeting, pinning, posting, writing and LinkingIn.  Here’s where you can find and follow us if you like. Twitter: @HomebuilderMktg Instagram: @builderpromotions Pinterest Board: Fun, Creative, Useful Gift Ideas Facebook: LinkedIn: Our blog is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., a complete solution of builder-centric branded products and print collateral that support the entire new home buyer journey. BP Central Print Hub consolidates print collateral through our wholesale print solution that delivers quickly to all the New Home Building markets nationwide.

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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