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Google Marketing Live 2018 – Key Takeaways for New Home Builders

This year’s Google Marketing Live was a huge success, and some exciting new features coming to Google ads were announced. We have decided to present you with a few keynotes that could affect the way New Home Builders use their advertising platforms as well as how they can optimize these new updates to make their marketing initiatives more effective and smarter. To meet the growing consumer needs, Google made the updates to deliver experiences that add worth and are personal – to be trustworthy, transparent, and valuable. Simpler experiences, stronger collaborations, and better results are what Google promises to its users. 1 The Increase in Research Queries Today’s users expect to get more personalized experiences. That’s why search queries are becoming increasingly conversational. People also rely on their smartphones more than ever before, showing how people have become research-obsessed. There has been a 150% increase in the “___ to avoid” query, while the “is ___ worth it” query has risen by 80%. That shows us that users dedicate more time to search for the best products to buy, and new home buyers are no exception to that. However, they’re using the process of elimination as well, to exclude the products they don’t want to buy. Consumers pay more attention to detail, so Google wants to give marketers tools they need for succeeding in that kind of market landscape with the introduction of features inspired by machine learning (i.e., Smart Campaigns and Smart Shopping). Since consumers do a lot of research before they purchase a new home, New Home Builders will want to learn about these Google updates.
  1. More Effective Ways for Content Creation
To help marketing teams apply more data-driven insights to creative functions, Google has a new initiative – giving creative executives the opportunity to see more of their campaigns metrics. Creative teams will be able to collaborate more closely on their content development thanks to Display & Video 360 and tighter integration with Google Web Designer.
  1. The Value of Video Ads Keeps Growing
After seeing a relevant video ad, 91% of smartphone users planned to buy or bought something. With this in mind, what are you doing regarding your mobile marketing? Are you presenting your target audience with relevant ads? Machine learning is about understanding your users’ intents and adapting to them. Google’s solution to this is TrueView. Google’s new three-faceted approach to video ads includes:
  • TrueView for reach – to help build your brand awareness.
  • TrueView for action – to drive potential prospects to convert.
  • Maximize Lift bidding – maximizing of your video ads through the new Smart Bidding strategy which adjusts bids at auction time automatically.
  1. Too Long to Load? Abandon Purchase!
Anthony Chavez, Google Ads Product Management Director, said that 50% of consumers abandoned their shopping carts because the website took too long to load. Mobile page speed has been made a significant ranking factor in Google due to the Speed Update (launched in January). MLPSS (Mobile Landing Page Speed Score) has a ten-point scale for rating websites from “very slow” to “extremely fast.” When we take into account that the typical home buyer uses their mobile devices to search for homes online (looking at websites with home listings, photos, and information about the home buying process), New Home Builders should understand why it’s essential to have a fast and responsive website. These updates are machine-driven systems that allow us to automate our workflow while creating ad experiences that are more personalized to fit today’s home buyer persona. New Home Builders who need help and guidance to master Google’s advertising tool can turn to BP Digital. We specialize in the unique needs of New Home Builder Digital Marketing and are backed by 15+ years of experience in the field.   Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon! We hope you’ll return to check out our blog, Marketing Blueprints to see what resources we’re sharing to support Builder Marketers. We are tweeting, pinning, posting, writing and Linking In. Here’s where you can find and follow us. Twitter: @HomebuilderMktg Instagram: @builderpromotions Pinterest Board: Fun, Creative, Useful Gift Ideas Facebook: LinkedIn: Our blog sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., is a complete solution of builder-centric branded products and print collateral that support the entire new home buyer journey.

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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