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Where Do You Find the Time To Stay Current on Digital Marketing Best Practices?

timetitle Time is a rare commodity when you are competing for the attention of new homebuyers, showcasing new communities, and building market share for your new home brand. It's no secret that in 2008, Marketing teams shrunk as the industry contracted during the financial crisis.  Today's Marketers have reason to be hopeful (and busy) as homebuying trends upward again.  What hasn't changed is that Marketing teams are still operating with historically low staffing levels.  And, the role of a homebuilder Marketer has evolved to include an ever-expanding ecosystem of digital marketing functions.  Digital Marketing holds the key to capturing home buyers early in their search for the ideal home, and has become a mission-critical priority for Homebuilder Marketers. This busy infographic (it's so detailed I cannot even insert it here) illustrates the challenge to digital marketers everywhere.  There are an exponential number of platforms to help you capture, engage and convert digital house hunters.  Builder Marketers need to spend more time on digital, without compromising other important Marketing channels. To stay current, I make a habit of studying trends in digital marketing for a few minutes every day. I love Hubspot for their action-oriented blogging content. This recent Hubspot post is a great example of a simple best practice that illustrates the power of digital tools to drive the human interaction which is so fundamental to selling a home.  Realistically,  the best marketing ideas are often relegated to our wish list because we need time to think through their application in our business environment. Where to find extra snippets of time to pursue "the list"? Builder Promotions likes to think of ourselves as "gifting" you back your time with a centralized e-commerce service. E-storesolutionimageWe manage the procurement and timely delivery of branded products you use throughout the home selling cycle so that you can focus on your mission-critical Marketing priorities. Our e-Store Solution delivers Control, Convenience and Peace of Mind. It's a complimentary service, too (what's not to love!).
  • Order when and where it's convenient for you
  • Preferred Pricing that helps everyone's budget
  • Control marketing spend with Corporate/Division reports
  • Peace of Mind that your Brand is being protected
  • Click to Quote access for Custom Products
By centralizing with Builder Promotions for offline products, we hope to give you more time to execute your digital strategy and perhaps a few extra minutes to consider your marketing wish list! Marketing Blueprints Content, August 2015

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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