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Pssst… it's easier than you think to acquire, curate and manage customer reviews.

images (10) Builder Promotions' clients are building some of the most thoughtfully designed and referral worthy homes in the nation. But when I look at local Google listings for new home communities, it's hard to find a lot of current customer reviews. I have spoken to builder marketers who would like to implement a review system but simply don't have the time. Our amazing clients are running very lean marketing departments and managing an ever-growing list of digital tactics to advance the conversion from digital shopper to actual buyer! So I decided to find out how customer reviews are being automated to make life easier for builder marketers who want to mine the marketing gold held by their happy new homeowners. We recently interviewed Henri Isenberg, COO of  a leading reputation management platform,,  about the business of delivering easy Customer Review management to Homebuilder Marketers.   Here are his thoughts about why reviews are important, and what you want to be thinking about when you consider automating this important marketing asset. Marketing Blueprints:  Why customer reviews? What's important about them today? Henri Isenberg, COO Reviewinc:  It's in our tagline, "where reviews mean business".  Reviews generate business for enterprises who capture and amplify them.  We now know that a majority of customers search customer reviews before making a purchase.  This is especially true of the first-time homebuyer demographic who skews younger. We've done some research to illustrate this, and marketers will be interested in the growth of search among the 65+ group, too. This signals a much broader adoption of review search from my perspective. Marketing Blueprints: Referrals vs. Reviews - what's more important? Henri Isenberg, COO Reviewinc:  The answer is both! Referrals are given by someone you know.  For instance, if you tell a friend, "I love the Del Sur Community because the location offers larger homes, and you are still only 20 minutes from one of the best beaches in Southern California.", that's a vote of confidence from a trusted person you know.  People have been referring their friends to neighborhoods forever, so the idea of referrals is well understood in the home selling process.  Today, when you hear this from a friend,  you automatically check out Del Sur online. In your digital journey, you validate what you are hearing from one person with reviews from many people. That's the expectation from consumers now. Reviews are earned media in which a collective group of customers talk about your brand.  If you aren't soliciting them and amplifying to every possible relevant review source,  you are missing an opportunity to influence and convert digital shoppers browsing your communities. Marketing Blueprints - Can you speak to the value of customer review management for negative reviews? Henri Isenberg, Reviewinc: If someone has something bad to say about your business, would you rather they tell you directly or would rather they amplify it without your knowing? With a review management system, you are empowered to insert yourself into the process and engage with unhappy customers to avert a negative PR event.  Review management platforms are a necessary tool for today's customer service teams. Marketing Blueprints:  download (4)What are three key points Builder Marketers should be thinking about when they assess an automated customer review system? Henri Isenberg, Reviewinc: 1). My top piece of advice is to get a comprehensive system, and don't be lured into a solution that has a few features.  You have to  capture reviews, solicit reviews, curate reviews, engage with reviewers and amplify reviews to all relevant sources without hiring a new marketing person or taking more time from your already busy schedule.  To do this, you need a simple and comprehensive platform. 2.).  Integration is key.  You want to be able to integrate with your CRM and your email contact management along with customer service and PR systems.  Again; integration saves time, and we know builder marketers have a full plate. 3.) Automation is essential.  This is the business of delivering fast, simple, easy and actionable results for busy Marketing professionals.  I don't think people realize that you can manage large volumes of reviews in minutes per day. 114c84cMarketing Blueprints asked Reviewinc to create a special offer for Builder Promotions' clients and prospects.  If managing reviews more effectively has been on your marketing wish list, please be our guest and Use this code - BPVIP to receive a discounted subscription to try Reviewinc's solution. To make it easy for you, feel free to call or email, and they'll take you for a test drive.  Just let them know you are using the Builder Promotions invitation code. Thanks for joining in the conversation!  I love sharing good marketing finds and hocropped-img_6516_pp.jpgpe that, with customer review management, you can convert more digital shoppers into happy homeowners for your brand. Cheers, Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger Marketing Blueprints is sponsored by Builder Promotions.

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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