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How To Build Relationships With Top Realtors In Your Market

By May 10, 2018July 24th, 2018Uncategorized
The disttance between new home builders and real estate professionals has closed. The fear of decreased profits due to fees and commissions had for too long kept new home builders and realtors from creating successful partnerships. Fortunately, new home builders have come to realize that realtors have the most access to a steady stream of willing buyers and are their best allies when it comes to getting their homes sold. Realtors have also learned that a new home can be a great selling opportunity for the right client. According to a recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, 30% of buyers find the homes they purchase from a real estate agent while 51% found it online; only 5% found their home directly from the home builder. This highlights how valuable builder-broker relationships are. While your digital marketing efforts matter, complementing them with realtor relationships is how you can get more homes sold quickly. Therefore, once you’re ready to Market a new community, you need to start focusing on partnering with top local realtors. But how? Here are ways to build powerful collaborations with the top realtors in your market: Invite Real Estate Professionals to Your Office Sometimes it’s as easy as inviting the top realtors in your area to your Sales Center for coffee or lunch. It’s also a more personalized approach and allows you more time to establish a strong foundation for a long-term relationship. Get realtors on board and relate to them by expressing your mutual passion for matching families with the right home. Beyond showing off vivid and memorable visuals of the communities you build, be prepared to answer all their questions on commissions and fees to avoid any misunderstandings down the road. Host an Open House Event Invite top realtors to your open houses with the purpose of introducing them to your best onsite agents. The reality is that realtors are more sought out by homebuyers because they know realtors are prepared to do the legwork and can present them with more options vs. an onsite Sales Associate who is solely dedicated to selling their Builder brand to meet quotas. Take Top Realtors on Personalized Model Home Tours Treat real estate professionals as you would potential homebuyers. Sell real estate professionals on the idea of why a new Home is better than purchasing a used home for certain kinds of buyers. First of all, and most importantly, it’s never been lived in and won’t demand any fixing for many years to come. An older home may be cheaper at the start; however, the costs of repairs and renovations ultimately add up. With a new home, on the other hand, homebuyers have the opportunity to be involved in the design. They can select finishes and even choose upgrades. When realtors are taken on personalized tours and given as much attention as a potential buyer would receive, they come to value new home designs. They will start to develop their own pitch which is likely inspired by yours. Are you ready to build mutually beneficial relationships with top realtors in your area? We hope you’ll return to check out our blog, Marketing Blueprints to see what resources we’re sharing to support Builder Marketers. We are tweeting, pinning, posting, writing and LinkingIn. Here’s where you can find and follow us if you like. Twitter: @HomebuilderMktg Instagram: @builderpromotions Pinterest Board: Fun, Creative, Useful Gift Ideas Facebook: LinkedIn: Our blog is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., a complete solution of builder-centric branded products and print collateral that support the entire new home buyer journey.

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