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Ever wish you had a partner to give wings to your creative ideas?

By July 27, 2019July 31st, 2019Uncategorized
This blog post is devoted to the Marketers who are dreamers and visionaries who wish they had more time to be creative in service of their prospects and customers.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish I had more people to give wings to all my creative ideas.  It's often hard to find the time to fully develop and implement a vision. I usually need help. Fortunately for my work-related ideas, our supply chain is a universe of worldwide resources that collectively have the ability to help turn creative visions into tangible brand product solutions. The sky is the limit and people genuinely want to give their time to help.  I love this image (below) because it is what so many Marketers face daily. A lot of us in Marketing derive joy and inspiration from using our creativity and imagination to innovate and find new ways to connect our brands with new customers. But the reality of Marketing is that there is a long daily list of "to do's" that are necessary to the job, and they are not all super creative. This is why it pays to have partners who can give wings to your creative ideas or vision.   In today's blog post we are sharing a few examples of how we give wings to client creative ideas. It's always fun to see how a good collaboration can turn a Marketer's vision into a reality. Can creative vision and budgets align? A couple months ago, a client called to describe a product she wanted and a price point she needed for budget purposes. This high end gift did not exist in that price point because of how the supply chain works. We needed to reorganize our supply chain to produce her gifting solution. She wanted to standardize all the Welcome gifts used for one region and she had a gifting solution she loved already but no way to buy it within her budget. I emailed my Sourcing team in charge of Asia manufacturing and within a week we had a way to make the exact product within the budget she required. I love our partners. I constantly send pictures of something we want to Source and while I sleep, our wonderful AsiaDirect™ team produces creative solutions that can be made and delivered with all of the necessary certifications for the North American market. Just this week I sent a picture of a cool smart phone mini-printer to our team. It costs $150 on the retail market.....but a very different story through our AsiaDirect™ team. Incubating a new Welcome Experience. Another client had been incubating an idea about how to upgrade the welcome experience for her customers. As part of the solution, we designed packaging for high end drink ware with lifestyle messaging to create a beautifully presented set for entertaining.The outcome was a stylish contemporary take on a retail gift package that delivered a creative, upscale brand welcome to new customers. Our inventive packaging team loved the challenge of creating a gifting presentation that no one else was using. It was fun to let them take that idea and run with it. I think our client loved that she could have a creative idea and that we would make it happen for her. She's one of those busy Marketers with a lot of vision and a big long list of not so creative tasks that involve leading one of the largest and most competitive market regions for her company.   Contemporary uniforming speaks volumes to Customers, but how does one create a Brand Fashion line? Uniforming today is really about Brand Fashion. Is your company culture Corporate, Casual or Cool? How do you design comfortable stylish apparel that lets team members reflect their personal styles within a brand fashion line that is reflective of your corporate culture? In an increasingly noisy marketplace, brand fashion gives companies a way to visually deliver a distinctive brand look and feel wherever team members engage customers or guests. But who has the time to design and manufacture a new line of brand fashion apparel? I love that we can ask our brand fashion team to create a story board with creative visuals to begin to transform a client's creative vision into a tangible reality. And it's always rewarding to hear the delight voiced by our clients when they see the brand apparel collection neatly displayed in their own e-Store portal, ready for delivery. It's a truly a tidy and elegantly simple solution that just needed wings.    If you can dream it, we can make it. So next time you are dreaming about a way to use a tangible brand product to connect with customers, remember there is a universe of resources ready to give your ideas wings. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Leslie Bridges, Chief Blogger This blog is sponsored by Builder Promotions, Inc., a complete solution of products that support the entire new home buyer journey. We are a Marketing partner with endless resources to transform your creative vision into a tangible gifting solution.   

Leslie is a partner in Builder Promotions Marketing firm, a company devoted to making life better at work for the Marketing professionals who work tirelessly to deliver New Home Communities that provide a place for families to live and thrive. She loves being a Mom and keeps a suitcase packed for the next travel adventure with her family.

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